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Micron Technology Inc.

Micron Technology Inc.


For over 30 years, the visionary, visionary and scientifically disciplined Micron team has reinterpreted the concept of "innovation" and designed and developed the world's leading storage and semiconductor technology. We develop the technology will be infinite possibilities into reality. In fact, you may use our storage every day in a variety of products: from computing, networking and server applications to mobile, embedded, consumer, automotive, and industrial designs. As one of the world's largest holdings of patents, we are constantly rethinking, reshaping and promoting new ideas that extend innovative technologies to a wider range of markets. In addition, we are constantly exploring new ways in which our technology can inspire the birth of new applications or radically improve existing designs. Storage is the foundation of our business, but also our core business advantage. Looking to the future, we will continue to focus on core storage and various products and technologies that will help drive innovation and growth in new markets, leveraging the synergy of the two to build on past achievements.

main products

DRAM DRAM module NAND flash memory Managed NAND NOR flash memory Solid State Storage