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Lattice introduces the ECP5-5G ™ FPGA

• New low cost ECP5-5G Versa development kit for rapid prototyping of 5G SERDES applications

• A new interconnection IP suite that includes optimized IP cores for the industrial and communications markets

• Development Kit, IP Suite, and Lattice Diamond® software for $ 99 special limited-time promotions

Lattice Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ: LSCC), a leading provider of custom smart interconnect solutions, today announced the availability of new ECP5-5G ™ devices based on the new ECP5-5G ™ device IP and solutions, the device is the company's low-power, small size ECP5 interconnect FPGA product line of the latest members for industrial and communications applications. The product enables seamless interconnection of ASICs and ASSPs in a variety of applications, including small cellular, low-end routers, backhaul, low-power radios, cameras, machine vision and gaming platforms.


Lattice's ECP5-5G product family is optimized to provide cost, power and ultra-low-cost solutions for 5G SERDES applications. The device supports multiple 5G SERDES protocols, including Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Express 2.0, Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), and JESD204B serial interface.


The rich resources associated with the ECP5-5G device, including new development kits, soft IP, demonstration and upgrade design software, are also released.

• The new ECP5-5G Versa Development Kit enables users to evaluate the key interconnect features of the product family, including PCI Express 2.0 support.

• The new interconnect IP suite includes a range of commonly used interface IP cores such as PCI Express, CPRI, JESD204B, Ethernet MAC and DDR3 controller.

• Lattice's leading Lattice Diamond design software now supports the entire ECP5-5G product family.

• ECP5-5G Versa Suite, Lattice Diamond Software and Interconnect IP Suite Limited Time Offer, $ 99 per sample, as part of the new promotion.


"With 5G SERDES interconnect support, Lattice's new ECP5-5G product family is an ideal solution for applications where the process, size and price / performance requirements of the product are critical," said Deepak Boppana, director of product marketing for Lattice Semiconductor. In addition, through the introduction of development kits, IP packages and design software special offers, our users can more affordable price development of various types of industrial and communications solutions.

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